Reading Time: 2 minutes The line includes lip and nail products
Reading Time: 2 minutes

An LA-based cosmetics brand has teamed up with toy maker Mattel to launch a new line of Barbie-themed vegan nail products and lipsticks.

Brussels-born Elin Dannerstedt started NCLA in 2011 to satisfy growing cruelty-free cosmetic demand.

Over the years, the company has worked with Glamour magazine, Hello Kitty and Beyonce.

Barbie’s global reach

Mattel launched a new toy fashion doll in 1959 that went on to become a global phenomenon. Over the years, Barbie has had many guises and amassed an enormous collection of accessories, as well as expanding her reach into animated films, TV specials, video games and the world of pop music.

Announcing the new line, Dannerstedt revealed that one of her long-term dreams has been a collaboration with Barbara Millicent Roberts, or Barbie for short. That dream has now come true.

“What I’m most excited is that although we’ve done so many important collaborations, this is our very first lipstick collaboration,” said Dannerstedt. “It was key to create colors that instantly reminded you of Barbie, while being versatile and wearable.”

Getting your vegan Barbie on…

At the top of the Barbie-themed tree is a $110 collector’s box containing four 4g jelly lip balm sticks and four 10 ml bottles of brightly-colored nail polish.

Other products available in the new collection include Barbie Party nail lacquer that comes wrapped in a limited edition Barbie box and puts purple star glitter on your finger ends for a ‘totally 90s’ look.

If you want your nails to go full-on Barbie, NCLA has you covered with a hot pink cream lacquer dubbed Barbie Pink.

Vegan nails

The Bubblegum Pop cuticle treatment comes in a bottle sporting a Barbie motif. This vitamin E extract coupled with sunflower seed oil ‘revitalizes and hydrates your cuticles and nails’ while giving off a bubblegum scent in the process.

And if you want your nails to absolutely rock with Barbie style, NCLA has added several flavors of nail wraps to the collection, including the boldly psychedelic Totally Hair version. Each box comes packed with 26 self-adhesive nail wraps and a full-size nail file.

The Barbie collection – which creators say will have you ‘feeling totally Barbie’ in no time – is available now direct from NCLA as a limited edition, though exactly how limited hasn’t been revealed.

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