Reading Time: 2 minutes COVERGIRL is being accredited with the Leaping Bunny (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

COVERGIRL make-up has been certified as cruelty-free and awarded the Leaping Bunny by Cruelty Free International.

Global beauty company Coty, which owns COVERGIRL, has partnered Cruelty Free International in what it’s described as a bid to bring an global end to animal testing for cosmetics

The Leaping Bunny logo will feature on all COVERGIRL products, described by Cruelty Free Internationasl as ‘the best visible and independent assurance for consumers of a company’s commitment to no animal testing’.


When the move was announce earlier via social media, it was met with joy from multiple commentators.

“Yes I’m so happy you guys are cruelty free!” one wrote. “There is no need to harm an animal when creating a product just for someone to feel beautiful. Every product can be created without testing on animals and instead testing on an actual person who would volunteer to. I am so proud of this brand for taking this big step!”

Another added: “Thanks, now I can enjoy buying your products.”

Cruel and unnecessary

“We’re delighted to partner with Coty to end cruel and unnecessary animal testing for cosmetics worldwide and have been impressed with the company’s passionate commitment,” Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty Free International, said in a statement.

“The Leaping Bunny certification of COVERGIRL marks a new milestone in this area as the largest makeup brand to be certified cruelty-free after having met our rigorous criteria.

“It demonstrates how it’s possible to be an accessible and innovative brand without inflicting suffering on animals. We hope today’s announcement encourages more cosmetics companies to do the right thing.”

Positive change

“Consumers expect brands to be leaders for positive change so today COVERGIRL is taking a stand about making cruelty-free cosmetics a mainstream reality,” Ukonwa Ojo, Chief Marketing Officer, Coty Consumer Beauty, added.

“We know we are not alone in wanting a beauty industry that is free from animal cruelty and, working with Cruelty Free International, invite others to join us in turning these conversations into action.”

Coty has also committed to at least one more of its brands being certified with the Leaping Bunny by 2020.

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