Reading Time: < 1 minute It was estimated that 10,000 dogs would be killed at the 2016 festival
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Eco-conscious natural beauty brand 100% Pure will be donating a portion of its profits for the month of May toward the rescue of Yulin dogs otherwise destined for slaughter.

Animals in need

The brand is offering nine sets for shoppers to choose from, indicating that all of the
profits will go directly to a soon-to-be disclosed charity.

The webpage reads: “We’re currently vetting different charities that are working on the
ground to save as many dogs as possible, we’ll announce our final partners


The sets available for purchase include a makeup brush set, nail polish bundles, and
various skin care packages.

While some of 100% Pure’s products contain ‘honey ingredients’, the company is in the
progress of veganizing the entire collection.

Emily Court

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