Reading Time: 2 minutes The Hybrid Burger (Photo: BrewDog)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A controversial new burger – which has been described as ‘half-beef half-vegan’ by some media outlets – has provoked confusion online.

The hybrid burger created by BrewDog features a vegan Beyond Meat and beef patty with vegan cheese.

According to BrewDog, it launched the burger in a bid to encourage customers to eat less meat, thereby being more eco-friendly.

‘Our take on flexitarianism’ 

“At BrewDog, we are proud to champion the alternatives. So today, we are launching an environmentally-sustainable alternative to our unique burger line-up, with zero compromise on flavor,” the company said in a statement.

“The Hybrid Burger. Available now at our UK, US, and select European BrewDog Bars it is 50 percent Beyond Meat and 50 percent sustainably-reared beef, whilst also being entirely dairy-free and surrounded by 100 percent vegan ingredients.

“We wanted to make a burger that delivered on flavour and enabled anyone to make a transition to eating less animal-based protein. Our amazing bars team have delivered with this new Hybrid Burger; a unique stepping-stone to a better place.”


When the company posted the creation on Twitter, responses were mixed, with some users baffled. One asked: “Why are you using vegan cheese on a burger that already HAS meat in it?!”

Another said: “And the point of this creation is what exactly?”

One social media user was even more forthcoming, saying: “You’ve managed to put off both carnivores and vegans simultaneously with this monstrosity. Hell of an achievement, congrats.”

Others were more enthusiastic, with one saying: “Probably appealing to the large number of meat-eaters who wouldn’t dare to order a veg burger but might be tempted to try something that’s a bit of both. People are incredibly picky –I think this provides an option for people in the middle and encourages them to go veg next time.”

Maria Chiorando

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