Reading Time: 2 minutes Some of the new products from Clarins
Reading Time: 2 minutes

French skincare giant Clarins has launched a new line of products which have vegan ingredients and won’t be sold in China or any territories that require animal testing.

Prolific skincare blogger Caroline Hirons made a video about the range – called My Clarins – when it launched last week.

Hirons spoke generally about the range, and also about how the ingredients are plant-based, and how Clarins won’t sell the line in China to avoid mandatory animal testing.

Caroline Hirons speaks about the new range

My Clarins ‘vegan’ skincare

“It is designed to be entry-level skincare,” Hirons said. “Here’s what I particularly love. It is a minimum of 88 percent plant ingredients. They are not overusing the word ‘natural’, they are saying it’s plant-based.

“It is Clarins’ first ever vegan range…also, and this shows a turn of where we are in the industry, this line…is not going to be made available in any territory worldwide where the government requires animal testing. They are holding it back. That is huge for a brand of this stature to say that.”

According to Clarins: “The My Clarins range is our first vegan skincare range. This means that each and every product is made with nourishing fruit extracts and plant-based formulas. And, our My Clarins range is also cruelty-free. We’re proud to say that our vegan skincare products have made it from our natural sources to your skin without being tested on animals.”

‘A drop in the ocean’

While many have welcomed the move by Clarins, others say buying these products will still contribute directly to animal suffering. Claire Palmer, MSc Zoology, is the Founder of Animal Justice Project – a nonprofit organization dedicated to the ending of animal experimentation and other forms of speciesism.

She told Plant Based News: “We applaud Clarins for not allowing a vegan-labelled range to be sold in a country that still necessitates animal testing, but this is a drop in the ocean. This multimillion pound company continues to sell other products in China knowing that they will cause the suffering and death of countless animals.

“We do not believe it is ‘vegan’ to directly fund animal harm and so won’t be advocating vegans purchase this new Clarins range.”

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