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Celebrity chef Gizzi Erskine is currently testing vegan cheese options for the vegetarian ‘healthy junk food cafe’ chain she will be opening next year.

The eatery – called Pure Filth – will have three London locations opening in 2018. The locations are currently unknown, though at least one bricks and mortar venue has been pinned down.

From next week the chef, who has opened the venue in collaboration with nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson, will be serving her food at a pop-up location at the Tate Modern Gallery on London’s South Bank.


According to the team behind the venture: “Pure Filth offers ‘healthy food for hedonists’. 

“Challenging the maxims that fast food cannot be healthy, and healthy food cannot taste great, it aims to balance decadent lifestyles with delicious and nourishing cuisine. 

“Dishes and juices packed with flavour use nutritional science to target different areas of wellbeing.”

Vegan cheese

The menu currently boasts vegetarian McDonald’s-style Happy meals (priced at £20) and Big Macs (£9) – but Erskine is currently testing vegan cheese options for the meals.

The chef already offers vegan shakes (made with Booja Booja ice-cream), as well as sweet potato fries.

Taking to Instagram, the chef wrote: “Recipe testing with new turmeric buns and vegan burger sauce. I know we said no to vegan cheese but this just landed and it’s actually GREAT. 

“Few more tests and well make our mind up if we’re going to use it.”

PBN has contacted the Tate Modern and will update this story with confirmation re: vegan cheese/sauce options.

Those wanting to eat at Pure Filth at the Tate Modern shouldbook tickets here


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