Reading Time: 2 minutes Could plant-based Philadelphia be on the cards? (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Cheese giant Philadelphia, which is famous for its range of soft cheeses, is rumored to be creating a vegan range.

The suggestion comes via Vegan Food UK is an online organization sharing vegan food news, reviews, vlogs, and more. It operates across multiple social media platforms, with a Facebook group, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram account.

Vegan cheese

Vegan Food UK revealed to its 119,000 followers that ‘a plant-based range of cheeses could be on its way’ from the dairy giant’, asking fans if they would like to see the product on shelves.

“So it turns out that Philadelphia has been doing online surveys to see if people want to see it do vegan cheeses,” said the group. “We know Philadelphia may be watching this post now, and we say ‘yes definitely!’.

“It went well for companies like Applewood and we are sure it will for you too. Vegan cheese is ‘grate’ but can always be better. And we love a soft dairy-free cheese on a bagel. Can we just give a quick shout out to @nushfoods who make the tastiest vegan cream cheese.”


Commenters were fairly consistent in expressing enthusiasm for a new range – though many were vocal in saying they are not interested in another coconut-based vegan cheese.

One said: “It would be great but companies need to stop producing cheese whose main ingredient is coconut oil. The after taste is honestly terrible.”

Another added: “Yes, but not coconut based! To me the vegan cheeses that taste the best are the ones with a more neutral base – all I taste is coconut otherwise.”

Plant Based News has contacted Philadelphia’s parent company Mondelez for comment. 

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