Reading Time: < 1 minute Brown has responded to critics (Photo edited by PBN. Source: Impossible Foods)
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Impossible Foods founder and CEO Pat Brown has responded to critics who claim the company’s plant-based burgers are unhealthy.

In a recent interview with CNBC Make It, Brown described the criticism as ‘bulls**t’ – saying the products are ‘substantially better for consumers than what it replaces’.

‘Healthier for the consumer’

“What it replaces is a burger made from a cow, not a kale salad. So, if you’re saying this is not like the ultimate ‘superfood’ – you’re right,” the entrepreneur said.

“But it’s intended to be a product that is healthier for the consumer than a burger made from a cow [and it’s] better for the planet than a burger made from a cow. And for many consumers, [it’s] more delicious.”

Impossible Foods also pointed out its meat-free products are non-GMO, and free from hormones and antibiotics – stating they’re designed to ‘meet, if not exceed, the nutritional profile of their animal protein equivalents’.

‘Highly processed foods’

Last year, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey garnered global media attention after dubbing plant-based meat as unhealthy.

“If you look at the ingredients, they are super highly processed foods,” Mackey told CNBC, “I don’t think eating highly processed foods is healthy. I think people thrive on eating whole foods.”

Liam Giliver

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