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A celebrity doctor says he was ‘pleasantly surprised’ after trying out a vegan diet for a month – and losing 4kg.

Dr. Giles Yeo adopted the way of eating for an episode of BBC program Trust Me I’m A Doctor.

Dr. Yeo wanted to see if it was something he ‘could imagine adopting’ in the long-term.


According to the BBC, the doctor found that one of the hard things about cutting out animal products is knowing where to find them – for example in some wines and fresh pasta.

He also decided to eat foods fortified with vitamins B12 and D, including fortified breakfast cereal and nutritional yeast.


After the month was up, Dr, Yeo discovered that he lost 4kg – including weight off his belly. In addition, his cholesterol fell by 12 percent.

He said: “I’ve been pleasantly surprised and though I don’t plan to go vegan entirely, from now on I’ll try and do at least a few days every month. I have to admit I was apprehensive about going vegan for a month, but once I learned a few recipes I was fine and I actually ended up enjoying it.

“For me, the key was not to cook vegan versions of meals that I would normally eat with meat, but to opt for recipes that were designed to be vegan in the first place. What I missed most while on the diet was eggs – I actually expected to miss meat a lot more.”

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