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Leading plant-based health expert Dr. Neal Barnard has branded the carnivore diet ‘even more stupid than keto’ in this exclusive Plant Based News interview.

Definitions of the carnivore diet appear to differ slightly between different sources. Some adherents rely entirely on raw meat, others cook it, and others also consume small amounts of other animal products including eggs and some dairy.

Dr. Barnard made his comments about the diet with speaking to PBN Klaus Mitchell, in a quickfire-style interview format.

Carnivore diet

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, people came up with something even stupider [than low carb diets including Atkins and Keto],” Dr. Barnard said of the carnivore diet. “These things won’t last, but they come up. They don’t stay popular for very long, and that’s because a low carbohydrate diet eliminates more than half of what you normally eat. 

“Carbohydrates are fruits and starchy vegetables, and starchy grains, and beans – all these things your body is designed for. They are all gone. So if you stop eating so many foods, you’re going to lose weight. But as time goes on, people can’t live with that. And it’s lucky they can’t live with [the restriction] because the risk of all the animal products over the long run include heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, among others.

“And they’ve been kind of sneaky with it. It used to be when they did studies on low carbohydrate diets they would more honestly describe when people had adverse reactions, like massively high cholesterol levels. Now they just report averages, so the average cholesterol only went up about 10 points. What actually happened was that some dropped because they were losing weight, for others they went through the roof and they’re hiding that from you.”

Maria Chiorando

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