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Reading Time: < 1 minute

A top cardiologist has blasted comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan – saying he is funded by meat companies.

Plant-based cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, who appeared on Rogan’s podcast last year, made the comments during an exclusive interview with Plant Based News founder Klaus Mitchell.

The pair discussed a range of issues, including upcoming documentary The Game Changers, the keto diet, and why Joe Rogan speaks negatively about veganism so frequently.

Joe Rogan

“I admire Joe Rogan for his energy and his success,” Dr. Kahn told Mitchell. “He looks older than his age. He is funded by meat companies on his podcast; they’re his number one sponsor.

” I mean, you’ve got to look at where the man’s perspective is. And to give him credit, he eats green smoothies for breakfast, he eats vegetables with every meal, he walks a better talk than you might expect from that backlash.

“But it does threaten his audience, or at least his audience expects him to push back. So he’s playing the role that his large platform of largely meat-heavy listeners is going to expect and he did it great because he wants to keep that thing rolling.”

The interview was hosted at PCRM’s Nutrition in Medicine Conference

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