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Canned vegan sausages and beans will be launching in Co-op stores across the UK.

The product was borne of a partnership between two meat-free food giant: VBites, which is owned by entrepreneur and athlete Heather Mills, and Suma, the UK’s biggest worker’s co-operative and supplier of vegetarian foods.

Suma describes the product as a ‘twist on a classic’. It says: “[It features] baked beans in a rich tomato sauce with six vegan Lincolnshire style mini sausages, and is made to a special recipe with herbs and spices.”

Vegan meatballs

The companies also collaborated to launch Vegan Meatballs Bolognese last year, which are available from Suma Foods.

The meatballs come submerged in tomato sauce. Describing the meatballs, Suma says: “Quick to prepare and very filling, this is vegan comfort food at its most simple and convenient.”

Vegan food fantasy

“As a kid from a working-class family we loved sausage and beans but only had enough money to buy in a tin,” VBites owner and entrepreneur Heather Mills told Plant Based News.

“One of my fantasies was to have vegan sausages and beans, and we at VBites and Suma are doing that now with our canned product. In addition, we have also created meatballs with bolognaise sauce in a tin.

“Both products are great when I’m on the road – as I can even eat them cold out the can. They are both available in natural health food stores and Co-op is launching the sausage and beans as well.”

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