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Vegan eatery, By Chloe, is to triple its US presence by 2023, with plans to expand its 13 locations to 50 across the country, as well as adding more locations internationally.

‘An international strategy’

CEO Patrik Hellstrand, who claims the food chain is ‘ready to take it to the next level’ told Cheddar: “You will see us more in the West Coast, East Coast, and maybe in some other parts of the country. And we also took on some capital last year that helps us grow on the people side as well.

“It’s more about getting to call it 50 units in the next couple of years, and we also have an international strategy.”

‘Mindful ingredient sourcing’

By Chloe – who states it’s ‘committed to maintaining a sustainable and vegan lifestyle’ with its ‘animal-free menu, mindful ingredient sourcing, and eco-friendly packaging’ – do not use mock meats and instead, rely on ‘locally-sourced ingredients in their most natural form’.

“We are very much about whole, plant-based food, which is obviously a growing trend,” says Hellstrand. “We are believers in whole foods, plant-based food, so we like making our own food because we know what goes in it.”

Liam Giliver

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