Reading Time: < 1 minute The company is working on making a vegan version of the Cadbury's Creme Egg (Photo: slgckgc)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

The makers of Besos De Oro – a plant-based alternative to Bailey’s liqueur – have revealed that they are working on creating a vegan creme egg.

According to Managing Director Peter Smith, he is currently looking at developing a number of innovative products.

One of them could rival the Cadbury’s product – which features a milk chocolate ‘egg’ filled with white and yellow fondant.


Smith said: “The company is based on three distinct arms: the liqueur operation, which is available in different flavours like mint and orange; tiger nut milk production; and what is believed to be a world first: vegan ‘milk’ chocolate.

Mr Smith said: “Vegans currently eat dark chocolate, but [dairy] milk chocolate is out of bounds.

“We have found a way to combine the tiger nut milk with the ingredients of a chocolate bar and it is delicious with the added benefits of being lactose, gluten and nut-free.”

Creme egg

He added: “We cannot stand still.

“While we were the first to recognise the potential of the tiger nut, others are catching on.

“So as well as Besos de Chocolat liqueurs and vegan milk chocolate, we are also working on a vegan chocolate creme egg!”

There are no details yet as to when the product will come to market.

Maria Chiorando

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