Reading Time: < 1 minute The pub chain has responded to vegan demand (Photo: Printworks Manchester Bierkeller)
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A specialist German beer and sausage pub chain has added a vegan wurst to its menu.

The Bierkeller Bar – which has six branches including ones in Manchester, Leeds, and Nottingham – added the plant-based dish due to increasing customer demand.


According to the company’s Head of Menu Development Adam Van Hecke, the chain did not want anyone to be excluded when dining at Bierkeller.

He said: “A lot more people are vegan or vegetarian now, either through choice or health reasons, so we felt we needed to cater for what was an increasing crowd.

“Lots of our customers are in groups of friends or family and often there’ll be a vegetarian or vegan among them so we don’t want anyone to be excluded or feel like there’s nothing for them. 

“We want everyone to look at our menu and have options.”


According to Van Hecke, the vegan wurst comes from the company’s traditional German bratwurst suppliers. 

He said: “They have the same quality and authenticity, but obviously they’re meat-free and people seem to really love the flavor.

“Bierkeller is so well-known for its sausages, so that’s why it was important to have this wider selection and really show it off.”


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