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Vegandale Brewery has been announced as the newest addition to Vegandale
Toronto’s fully vegan ‘neighbourhood’ which took root in Parkdale early this year.


Vegandale is
currently comprised of two ultra-indulgent restaurants – Doomie’s and Mythology
Diner – and a fully vegan shop focused on ethical consumerism, The Imperative.

organizers and owners of The 5700 Inc. – the company behind Vegandale – also host fully
vegan festivals in Houston, Chicago, New York, and of course Toronto, which was named one of HappyCow’stop vegan cities in the world.

‘Reasons to

Brewery will avoid the use of animal byproducts – such as gelatin and isinglass
– in its manufacturing, meaning its entire collection will be suitable for

Owner of The 5700 Inc. Hellenic Vincent De Paul said: “We’re
ready to show Toronto that our strong brews match our strong convictions.

“We have lots of reasons to toast to the end of animal exploitation.”