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BrewDog has joined forces with Temple of Seitan to launch vegan wings and burgers in its bars across the UK, which are available now.

The wings will be doused in BrewDog’s hot sauce and syrup glaze, and there will be two Temple of Seitan burgers on the menu.

The craft brewer says it has plans to supply the vegan products to its European locations soon after the UK launch.

Changing attitudes

“We are passionate in our mission to convince people that there exists an alternative to bland, mass-produced beer, and Temple of Seitan share that faith albeit for vegan food,” James Brown, retail director, said in a statement.

“Their unique take on fried chicken and burgers are changing attitudes across the capital – and now, with us, we hope the entire UK as well. 

“We love working with and championing disruptors and people who craft their product with passion which Patrick, Rebecca and their team optimize. Vegan junk food and craft beer…it doesn’t get any better than that.”

‘Incredibly excited’

Patrick O’Shea, co-founder of Temple of Seitan, added: “We are incredibly excited to partner up with BrewDog to feature our wings and burgers on their menu. We’ve had many opportunities to work with other establishments over the years, however what appealed about Brewdog was their shared ethics and values. 

“They are fiercely independent whilst also supporting other independent brands and are committed to paying their staff a living wage. Most importantly for us, they’re expanding their vegan range which will improve outcomes for animals, customers, and our planet. Their beers are a staff favorite at Temple HQ as well.

“Our mission is to offer the comfort food many vegans still crave, and offer an alternative for meat-eaters that will change their perceptions of veganism. Working with BrewDog to provide our food on their menus will allow us to do that not just in London, but all across the UK.”