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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Plant Based News has officially launched two extensive paid-for guides to vegan parenting and vegan pregnancy.

The web-based learning modules are led by famed plant-based doctor, Gemma Newman, with a number of them also featuring Dr. Neal Barnard.

Partnered with PBN, the pair have helped to compile two ‘ultimate guides’ to becoming a vegan parent, which are now available in video form.

At your fingertips

PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell said: “We’re so excited to have partnered with Dr. Newman for this unprecedented launch from Plant Based News.

“We want vegan parents, and parents-to-be to have access to the best plant-based nutrition advice, right at their fingertips – from real medical professionals.

“With our ultimate guides, that’s exactly what they get.”

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In the two video series, which can be accessed from home, Dr. Newman and Dr. Barnard cover a number of hot topics and frequently asked questions.

These include breastfeeding, iron,vitamin B12, weight gain, mental health and ‘managing a fussy eater’.

In addition to the advice provided from Dr. Newman and Dr. Barnard, the modules include testimonials from real parents.

‘Peace of mind’

Mitchell said: “Our hope is that we can fill a hole, and alleviate some concerns for people who want to raise a vegan family and don’t know where to start. But the guides are also great for more experienced vegans.

“They cover such a wide variety of topics, so exhaustively, that it’s an easy and reliable way to brush up on your plant-based nutrition knowledge.

“As we all know, this information can be massively helpful, not just for explaining our choices to others, but for peace of mind – especially for parents.”

*The headline of this article was changed on November 1 to reflect that this story is promoting PBN paid-for materials.

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