Reading Time: < 1 minute The series aims to 'to make things easier for vegan and plant-based eaters the world over'
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Plant Based News has partnered with HappyCow, the world’s
top vegan restaurant resource, to create exclusive city guide videos featuring
the best vegan eats in select locales.

‘Best of the best’

PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell said: “The aim with this
collaboration is to bring to viewers the best of the best in vegan dining and
shopping, with the help of the experts over at HappyCow.

“We are excited to see how this grows – and to make things
easier for vegan and plant-based eaters the world over!”


Each video will highlight top vegan eateries and shopping
spots in an individual city.

The first will be focused on one of the world’s top
vegan destinations – PBN home base – London.

The breakout video released today features such plant-based
dining hotspots as Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner, Purezza, Vida Bakery, and What the Pitta.


Mitchell said: “Plant Based News was founded out of London,
so we couldn’t be more excited to partner with HappyCow to kick off the series

“We’re look forward to sharing with viewers what we love
about this city, and the ins and outs of London’s epic vegan dining and
shopping scene.”

HappyCow Founder Eric Brent added: “It’s great to see these new videos coming out on Plant Based News because it showcases not only the increased availability, but also the vastly improved quality of vegan options globally.”

Emily Court

Emily Court is a writer and content creator published in Plant Based News, Raise Vegan, Living Vegan and The Financial Diet. A self-described "recovering vegan hothead," she is now a pragmatic member of Vancouver's vibrant and growing plant-powered community. Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, she holds a BA in Spanish and certificate in Intercultural Communication from Dalhousie University, where her thesis focused on topics of cultural and gender-based discrimination. She aims to apply a privilege-conscious and culturally sensitive approach to her work in all fields.