Reading Time: < 1 minute Rogan has featured a number of plant-based eaters on his podcast before (Photo: Facebook)
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Famed plant-based doctor, Joel Kahn has announced he will appear on The Joe Rogan Podcastfor a vegan versus paleo debate next month.

While Dr. Kahn said he respects his pro-paleo opponent, Chris Kresser, he maintains that there are issues with the paleo diet from a health, and environmental perspective.

‘Important differences’

He told Plant Based News: “We certainly are going to disagree. None of us are driving to fast food restaurants and eating out of a yellow bag but there are very important differences.”

Dr. Kahn also said that he anticipates hot topics such as the ketogenic diet, fasting, and the ‘carnivore movement’ – exemplified in all-meat dieters such as ex-doctor Shawn Baker – will come up.

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Dr. Kahn added that he and Joe Rogan are ‘pumped up’ for the debate on September 27.

While Rogan has had vegans on his podcast before – such as Rich Roll and John Joseph – Dr. Kahn noted that this will be the first time he’s featured a plant-based medical professional.

He said: “This is very exciting, because he’s never had a plant-based physician – I’ve been doing this for more than 40 years, so they’ll just have to see I’m not dead yet.”

Emily Court

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