Reading Time: < 1 minute The company offers both a Lifestyle and Beauty monthly subscription box
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a five-year-old company from married couple Karris and Scott McCulloch, is now
turning over £2 million in sales annually thanks to growing plant-based demand.


The company
was launched in 2013 when the pair, who at the time were new parents to their
first child, saw a demand for more vegan options in Glasgow.

Now being
called one of the ‘UK’s fastest growing vegan businesses’, the couple launched
their startup as a monthly vegan subscription box service – but have expanded
to include an online ‘Vegan Supermarket’ where customers can peruse individual

They now
ship more than 9,000 orders each month – still offering both a food-based
Lifestyle box and a Beauty box, in addition to item-by-item orders.

For the

Both Karris
and Scott cite animal rights as the primary motivator for their veganism, although
neither were vegan when they first met.

Karris made
the transition from vegetarian to vegan during the course of their
relationship, with meat-eating Scott not far behind.


He said: “I
had turned a blind eye for so long, but I couldn’t ignore what I was seeing and
hearing any longer.

“It all
just felt so horrendously unnecessary.”

A meat eater when he met Karris, Scott now says veganism ‘could not be easier’ (Photo: Instagram)
A meat eater when he met Karris, Scott now says veganism ‘could not be easier’ (Photo: Instagram)

‘Could not
be easier’

describes Scott’s transition to veganism as ‘one of the happiest days’ of her

He said: “I
remember thinking veganism would be ‘hard’.

“But that’s
simply not true, it could not be easier.”

Emily Court

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