Reading Time: < 1 minute Jon Venus says he is a huge fan of The Game Changers (Photo: PBN)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Plant-based bodybuilder Jon Venus says he is a huge fan of recently released film The Game Changers.

He made the comments during an exclusive interview with Plant Based News.

A big fan

“I’ve seen The Game Changers many times, I’m a big, big fan,” he said. “I’ve been following the journey for three years now, so it’s been really amazing seeing everything come to life – all the funding the team could get, and all the athletes who got involved.

“This is what I’m all about – vegan fitness is what I do, so for me, it’s like a dream come true.”


He added that he expects the film to garner more backlash as more people watch it.

“I’m expecting everyone who is into bodybuilding and fitness to have an opinion,” said Venus.

“A lot of people have seen it, but are keeping their opinions quiet. The more popular it becomes, the more vocal people will be, and as more people who go vegan because of the movie, more people will speak out against it.” 

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