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Plant-based food tech startup Beyond Meat has debuted its latest product – the Beyond Breakfast Sausage’ – at a hospitality show in Chicago.

The new product – which is made from pea, mung bean, rice and sunflower protein – reportedly has the same appearance and flavor as traditional pork sausage, as well as twice as much protein.

Allison Aronoff, Communications Manager for Beyond Meat spoke about the product at the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show held May 19-22.

‘From the ground up’

Arnoff said: “When we build a new product, whether it’s Beyond Sausage or Beyond Breakfast Sausage, we’re not just taking our burger and shoving it inside a casing. We’re really building each new product from the ground up.”

She revealed that the company is working on a number of new items, saying: “We are doubling down on our approach to R.&D. and our innovation pipeline.

“We have a lot of exciting announcements coming out this year that just really reinforce that we’re the key player in this space, and we’re going to continue to show up and surprise you and delight you.”

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Meat eaters

The company, whose flagship product the Beyond Burger is sold in more than 25,000 grocery stores and restaurants, is once again trying to appeal to meat eaters with the newest product.

Arnoff said: “If we really want to tackle the issues of human health and the environment, we really have to go after the people who are eating meat, which are carnivores.

“We love our vegan and vegetarian fan base, but we’re trying to appeal to the carnivores, which is why we’re making products that look, cook and taste just like meat.”

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