Beef Magazine Calls Vegan Learning Program 'Ideological Indoctrination'

Beef Magazine Calls Vegan Learning Program ‘Ideological Indoctrination’


(updated 1st October 2020)

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The opt-in course allows participants to learn about plant-based nutrition (Photo: Licensed from Adobe. Do not re-use without permission) - Media Credit:
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Beef Magazine has published an article calling a vegan learning program ‘ideological indoctrination’.

The web-based course, released in partnership between parenting magazine Raise Vegan and Facebook, has come under criticism by writer and beef producer Amanda Radke.

Radke frames the opt-in, paid program as not only ‘indoctrination’, but a threat to public health – calling on readers to take pro-beef action.

Ideological indoctrination

In reference to the newly announced course, Radke wrote: “This is quite concerning to me, not just as a beef producer, but as a parent, too.

“This is pure ideological indoctrination that is based on poor science, popular trends and misinformation about animal welfare and the environment.”

This statement followed Radke’s celebration of the fact that nationwide promotional body Beef Checkoff is set to promote beef in schools, to student athletes.

Health and a vegan diet

Radke goes on to argue that a vegan diet ‘could be damaging to a child’s growth and development’ – and quote a Daily Mail article which cites concerns of ‘irreversible damage’.

She shares author Colin Fernandez’s concerns about B12 deficiency, stunted growth, and ‘in the worse cases, death’ as a result of a vegan diet.

She does not provide any alternative arguments, or mention the fact that, on the World Health Organization website, it advises eating ‘a nutritious diet based on a variety of foods originating mainly from plants, rather than animals’.

Call to action

Radke also includes a call to action for Beef Magazine readers.

She wrote: “It’s going to take every one of us being active in our kids’ schools, attending beef council meetings to drive the direction of how the checkoff dollar is spent and responding to articles in the paper and online that paint beef in a negative way.”

Those who wish to support Raise Vegan and plant-based education, on the other hand, can do so by joining the ‘Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting’ Facebook group, and applying to participate in ‘Just Ask the Dietician’.

Dispelling myths

Raise Vegan CEO and Founder Janet Kearney told PBN that while she takes no issue with Radke personally, she believes many people are misinformed about plant-based living.

She said: “A lot of people have been led to believe that raising a child on a vegan diet is harmful, with Italy going so far as to want to ban it to help protect kids from harm.

Raise Vegan wants to help dispel the myth surrounding plant-based diets for families, and to do that – we can only lead by example. Through classes, education, access to free or low cost registered dieticians, and private communities for parents.”

“Articles such as this are truly motivational to us, because the amount of misinformation out there especially involving children’s nutrition can only be changed if we continue to share the facts.”

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