Crowdfunder Launched To Help Set Up Inclusive Vegan Marketplace

Affordable Online Marketplace Promises To Make Finding Vegan Products Easier

'To make a change a vegan lifestyle needs to be viewed as accessible'


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Vegan Online Marketplace UnEarthed.Co Crowdfunds To Make Finding Affordable Products Easier Unearthed.Co crowdfunds to launch new site - Media Credit: Unearthed.Co
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Online marketplace Unearthed.Co promises to make shopping for affordable vegan brands easier, provided it can raise the funds to launch.

Founder Chloe Taylor came up with the idea after she was sick of endlessly researching plant-based products.

The 22-year-old said the site will only house brands which are ‘affordable’.

She hopes it can help ‘prove that a vegan lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive’.

Misleading labels

Chloe claims corporate companies aren’t fully aware of what a vegan product is and are ‘wrongfully’ labelling products ‘simply to cash in’.

In a statement to Plant Based News, she said: “Its incredibly difficult to shop vegan products and be assured that they’re certified vegan, without searching endlessly”.

Founder Chloe Taylor says: ‘We really want this site to be nothing but perfect for you all.’


Chloe claims Unearthed.Co differs from competitors because the website will include brands which cater to all genders and sizes up to 6XXL.

She adds: “To make a change a vegan lifestyle needs to be viewed as accessible.

“The vegan market is only going to grow, as people become more conscious of climate change and the impact (animal) agriculture has on that.

“It’s important brands do their best to inform people how much their shopping decisions can play a role in that.”

Vegan marketplace kickstarter

Chloe is calling for financial support to create the site, and hopes to reach £30,000.

So far she has raised just over £500.

You can find out more by visiting the crowdfunding page here

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