Reading Time: 2 minutes Earthling Ed described the news as 'amazing' (Photo: Fairypan)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

London bakery Fairypan Cake Studio has revealed it turned vegan overnight after watching a video on the dairy industry.

Owner Silvia Stocchino recently told popular Instagram account VegansOfLdn how she ‘immediately’ replaced eggs and dairy in her company’s deserts after coming across Earthling Ed‘s ‘This Is The Truth’.

The video reveals 18 month’s worth of footage taken on hidden cameras that were placed around dairy farms in the U.K. – showing workers ‘violently beating’ and ‘abusing’ cows.

‘So much respect for you’

“So much respect for you, Silvia. Fairypan is based in East London, their packaging is biodegradable, and the peanut butter cheesecake is the best cheesecake we’ve tried,” VegansOfLdn wrote.

“We shared a box of [gifted] treats with our non-vegan neighbors and they all approved too.”

Stocchino’s story was also shared by Earthling Ed, who thanked the baker for ‘making the change’ and described the news as ‘amazing’.

‘Plant-based celebration cakes’

“I specialize in plant-based celebration and wedding cakes. I love simple but elegant designs, with the perfect balance between exposed cake and decoration,” Stocchino states on her website.

“I use pastel colors, edible flowers, and love that every cake is as unique as its special occasion.”

You can visit Fairypan’s website here

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