Bahamas School Menu To Feature Vegan Food As Main Choice


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The school urges students to eat plant-based food to stay healthy - Media Credit:

A school in The Bahamas will be launching a menu that prioritizes vegan food options.

Due to obesity being the cause of many health-related issues for Bahamians, the Akhepran International Academy has launched an ‘Obesity Prevention Pilot Program’ for its students, reports The Bahama Journal.

Talking at the school last week, Senator Fred Mitchell urged students to take upon this diet change, as ‘it will benefit them in life in the future’.


MP Shonel Ferguson admitted she was very impressed with the school’s strides to teach students about healthy eating. 

“Teach children that you can eat healthy and it can be flavorful and tasty. I want this to spread and become a way of life,” stated Ferguson.

“This is a powerful first step that I envision becoming a thousand steps and that it will spread to the other schools.”

Weight loss

Akhepran International Academy Principal Dr. Jacinta Higgs said she wants to lose 50 pounds by the end of the school year, asking students for help.

Higgs also spoke about her perspective on vegan food, saying: “If you don’t give me the meat, but you give me the vegan hamburger and you season that well, I am telling you, I will eat that. 

“It would not stay in me for five and six months. I will begin to lose the weight and be healthy and harmonize my body with more of the plant based menus.”


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