Reading Time: < 1 minute 'The first crucial step to becoming cruelty-free' (Photo: Instagram / Avon)
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Cosmetics giant Avon Products Inc.* has ended regulatory-tests on animals in China and elsewhere – in what has been described as ‘the first crucial step to becoming cruelty-free’. 

The beauty brand was slammed in the past after it called for a global animal-testing ban whilst failing to have cruelty-free accreditation itself for operating in the Chinese market.

Avon is now working with its suppliers to make sure no ingredients are being tested on animals. 

‘Landmark change’

“Our goal is to deliver products to meet our customers’ needs without compromising our commitment to animal welfare, our high product safety standards or our adherence to regulatory requirements,” Jonathan Myers, Avon’s Chief Operating Officer said in a statement

“By investing in how we develop innovation for China and in some cases changing distribution channels, we have been able to deliver this landmark change. Globally, none of Avon’s products will be tested on animals.”

‘A meaningful difference’ 

Katy Guillermo, Senior Vice President of PETA, added: “PETA celebrates Avon’s long-term commitment to ending all cosmetic testing on animals everywhere in the world, and we know millions of consumers will too. 

“Avon’s support for non-animal testing methods has made a meaningful difference to the development, utilization, and acceptance of alternatives to animal testing.”

*Note: Avon Products, Inc., is a separate company from New Avon. Avon Products, Inc., sold its North America business in 2016 to a separate company (New Avon) and now sells products under the Avon brand everywhere in the world except in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico

Liam Giliver

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