Reading Time: 2 minutes The health industry is becoming more aware of the benefits of a plant-based diet
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hot on the heels of the American Medical Association’s welcomed release of its July 2017 policy statement calling for the elimination of processed meats from hospitals and medical institutions, and for making healthful plant-based foods available, two Australian doctors have sought to seize the momentum to encourage medics down under to do the same. 

The Australian Medical Association, which claims to be ‘the most influential membership organisation representing registered medical practitioners and medical students of Australia’ just published a two-page opinion piece on the dangers of processed meats in its national magazine. 


The article’s authors are husband and wife – pediatrician and obstetrician/ gynaecologist Heleen and Alphonse Roex from Adelaide, South Australia. 

This medical duo stumbled upon a plant-based diet seven years ago and delved into the data. 

According to Heleen, they soon discovered that: “Whole Food Plant-Based [WFPB] nutrition is the best nutrition for human health, based on a wealth of research.”

Alphonse concurs, saying they have both ‘been reading hundreds of scientific articles about nutrition and health. All reliable studies showing convincingly that at a WFPB lifestyle increases one’s life expectancy and reduces the risk to develop chronic diseases such as cardiovascular (heart, blood vessel disease and stroke), type 2 diabetes and some cancers’. 


Both doctors feel there is a pressing need to help make this potentially life-saving nutrition information mainstream knowledge. 

Heleen contends that change will surely happen if ‘we approach this at several levels: grassroots movements and also educating the health professionals, because sound nutritional education is not yet part of the medical curriculum’. 

The Australian Medical Association does not currently have a position statement on diet, however it is promising to see its obesity position statement does recommend that ‘healthy foods, such as fruit and vegetables, should be subsidised by governments’. 

Thanks to Drs. A and H Roex’s AMA magazine article, thousands more practitioners within the Australian medical community will now know what to leave off the menu too! 


Heleen and Alphonse remain confident that with continuing concerted advocacy from individual healthcare practitioners and membership organisations such as the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, the plant-based nutrition mantra will soon be taken up by not only the Australian Medical Association, but all professional and progressive health promotion and governing bodies around the world.

You can read the full article here.

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Lucy Stegley

Lucy Stegley founded the event hosting and promotions service Raw Events Australia in 2010. She also set-up the world’s first 100 percent vegan university campus cafeteria 'Realfoods'. Alongside Dr. Heleen Roex, Lucy is the co-founder of the non-profit organisation Doctors For Nutrition. The charity's mission is to 'bring food back to healthcare' through advocacy and education on the science of a whole food plant-based diet. DFN run regular events including 'Dine with a Doc' networking sessions, medical symposia, and the 'Australasian Nutrition in Healthcare Conference' (