Reading Time: 2 minutes Aussie products will soon carry PETA's 'bunny' symbol (Photo: Aussie)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Aussie haircare has joined PETA US’ Beauty Without Bunnies program – meaning it has been accredited as cruelty-free by the charity.

According to PETA, it has ‘worked closely’ with Aussie – which is owned by giant corporation Proctor & Gamble – to ensure its products are not subject to animal experiments, despite them being sold in China.

Being sold in China means the brand would usually be subject to the country’s mandatory testing, but PETA says Aussie sells only domestically manufactured non–special use products, to circumvent these laws.

‘Ending animal testing’

“The millions of consumers who rely on the PETA US cruelty-free list will be delighted to find Aussie there,” PETA Senior Projects and Science Policy Advisor, Dr. Julia Baines, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“Procter & Gamble is committed to ending all animal testing, and PETA encourages other industry giants to follow its lead by embracing modern, non-animal research methods.”

Procter & Gamble Global Beauty & Grooming Chief Communications Officer, Kelly Vanasse, added: “We are thrilled to be part of [PETA US’] Beauty Without Bunnies program. Cruelty-free beauty is an important value for Aussie, both for our employees and for Aussie-lovers around the world.”

‘Funding animal testing’

Some warn that despite the accreditation, cruelty-free consumers should avoid buying Aussie products – otherwise their money could support animal experimentation.

Claire Palmer is the founder of Animal Justice Project (AJP), an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to the ending of animal experimentation and other forms of speciesism.

She told Plant Based News that AJP will advocate boycotting Aussie – and other P&G brands – until the conglomerate stops all animal experimentation, including that ‘required by law’.

‘Not good enough’

“Increasingly the lines are being blurred by NGOs stamping their approval on products owned by parent companies continuing cruel animal experiments by labeling them as ‘cruelty-free’, and even animal-tested products being labeled as ‘vegan’,” Palmer said.

“Aussie Haircare is owned by P&G – a company that commissions animal experiments on a gross scale (we don’t like to use the word ‘testing’ as this downplays the enormity of suffering) when ‘required to’ by law. This isn’t good enough.

“If you are against the hideous confinement, abuse, and killing of rodents and other animals in laboratories, you should know that purchasing brands such as Aussie Haircare funds a company literally built on animal suffering. We will always advocate a boycott of Aussie Haircare and any other P&G-owned brand until the company does the right thing”.

Maria Chiorando

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