Anthony Bourdain 'Hates' Premium Restaurants Selling Plant-Based Impossible Burger

Anthony Bourdain ‘Hates’ Premium Restaurants Selling Plant-Based Impossible Burger


(updated 1st October 2020)

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The chef is 'resistant' to meat alternatives (Photo: Lwp Kommunikáció) - Media Credit:

Author and TV presenter Anthony Bourdain has said he ‘hates’ the idea that the plant-based Impossible Burger is being sold at top restaurants.

Bourdain – who is well known for writing Kitchen Confidential, as well as fronting shows like A Cook’s Tour – made the comments in an interview with Eater.

According to the chef – who has previously referred to veganism as ‘the Hezbollah-like faction of vegetarianism’ – he is ‘resistant’ to the idea of meat replacements.


The creator of the Impossible Burger – Patrick Brown – says the secret to making the patty as meat-like as possible is heme, a substance used in the body to carry oxygen around the blood.

The Impossible Burger contains a version of heme made from genetically-modified yeast.

But despite never trying the patty, Bourdain doesn’t believe the product could ever be a substitute for animal flesh.

‘Hate the idea’

He added: “As somebody who spent 30 years as a chef, of course I’m going to be resistant to the notion that there’s any replacement for the texture and musculature and funk of real meat.

“So, I’m resistant to it. I hate the idea that people are selling this at a premium at hip restaurants.

“You know, it doesn’t fill me with joy.”

Hungry people

The former chef did concede that the product could be crucial when it comes to solving world hunger.

He said: “Look, there are a lot of hungry people in the world.

“I guess if [it] is a means of providing must-needed protein to people who need protein to live, I guess I’m all for it.”

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