Another Pea Milk Product To Hit Shelves In US


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The new plant protein milk line comes in four flavors (Photo: Bolthouse Farms) - Media Credit:

Campbell’s-owned brand Bolthouse Farms will be launching a new range of pea milks this month.

The pea milk line will come in four flavors: original, which is creamy and lightly sweetened; unsweetened, which has an earthier flavor; and kid-friendly vanilla and chocolate, which taste just like milkshakes, according to news outlet Washington Post.

Bolthouse Farms – which is the largest producer of baby carrots in North America – will be getting competition from Ripple, a company that received $44 million from Google and Silicon Valley venture capitalists.

Pea milk

Pea milk is made by first harvesting yellow peas and milling them into flour; after the flour is processed, the pea protein is separated from the fiber and starch.

That is followed by purifying the pea protein and blending it with water and other ingredients.

Suzanne Ginestro, the company’s chief marketing and innovation officer said: “There’s some taste trade-offs and some calcium trade-offs and most certainly protein trade-offs with all the alternative milks on the market.

“[Consumers] shouldn’t have to compromise on those three things.”

Bolthouse Farms’ milk

The company’s pea milk will soon be available in grocery stores including Kroger, Shaw’s, Publix, and Safeway’s eastern division.

The plant milk will contain 10 grams of protein per serving (versus one gram of protein in almond milk), it’s fortified with vitamin B12 – and has more calcium than dairy milk.

Ginestro also added that environmentally, pea milk ‘has a much lower water footprint than growing almonds, and a much smaller carbon footprint than raising dairy cows’.


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