Adidas Pledges To 'Replace Plastic For Good' By Developing New Materials

Adidas Pledges To ‘Replace Plastic For Good’ By Developing New Materials


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Adidas says it will have made 30 millions pairs of shoes incorporating ocean plastic waste by the end of 2020 (Photo: Adidas) - Media Credit:
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Adidas has revealed plans to ‘replace plastic for good’ by developing innovative new fabrics.

The sportswear giant made the comments in a recent statement celebrating five years of its partnership with Parley, an ocean advocacy organization that collaborates with businesses and creatives to ‘develop alternative business models and ecologically sensible products to give us earthlings an alternative choice’.

According to Adidas, by the end of 2020, it will have made 30 millions pairs of shoes incorporating ocean plastic waste as a result of the partnership.

‘Replace Plastic For Good’

Adidas says the partnership will continue as the organizations work together to create new fabrics.

“Moving forward, we will continue working together with Parley on developing, testing, and implementing new materials to replace plastic for good,” said a statement.

“We have joined the Parley Institute for Material Science as a founding Partner; the Institute identifies, evaluates, and funds material replacements for plastic and other harmful, toxic, or exploitative materials.”

James Carnes, Adidas VP Brand Strategy, said: “We are not just focused on changing how we do business; we are dedicated to changing how our industry does business.”

‘Brands don’t have to be destructive’

Cyrill Gutsch, CEO and founder of Parley for the Oceans, added: “We said here is a company that has influence and that combines performance, fashion, style, and youth culture, together we could show that brands don’t have to be destructive. adidas decided to implement our strategy Parley AIR. Avoid. Intercept. Redesign. And make it the core of their company.

“The next step for us, in partnership with Adidas, is to develop a completely new generation of materials to see all these harmful substances – that are destroying our planet, that are destroying our future – go.

“You can expect from us to come up with new fabrics and technologies that build on what we see in nature. Technologies that have been on this planet way before we arrived as a species. The chapter of the new, the next, high tech in materials has just begun and we’re going to surprise you with a lot of new things in the next years to come.”

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