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A highly acclaimed plant-based doctor says ‘a little sugar or salt’ doesn’t hurt when it comes to a whole-food, plant-based diet.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, one of the most foremost doctor in the plant-based movement and author of The China Study, made the comments during an interview for PlantPure TV.

Answering questions posed by his son Nelson Campbell, Dr. Campbell discussed a range of topics, including the technological and commercially-driven history of nutritional and medical science, and why specific health recommendations are sometimes made that are not well-founded on science among others.

‘A little sugar or salt’

Speaking about how the massive amounts of information available can be overwhelming, and about how the sources of that information can present it in a way that suits their agenda, Dr. Campbell said eating a healthy diet is ‘really very simple’.

“Eat a whole-food, plant-based diet,” he said. “Flavor it up a bit with herbs, spices. A little sugar or salt doesn’t hurt. Make your food tasty, just do that, and people will get that simple notion. Try to avoid the animal protein-based foods, and that’s going to turn the world around.”

Nelson Campbell concluded: “So what we need is a grassroots movement that empowers people and communities to share that simple idea. It’s very, very simple.”

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