Reading Time: 2 minutes 97-year-old Josephine went plant-based aged 96 - and transformed her life (Photo: Eric O'Grey)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A 96-year-old woman transformed her health – ditching her medications and walking up to three miles a day after going plant-based.

Josephine Spagnero – now 97 – made the dietary switch after moving in with her daughter and son-in-law Eric O’Grey – who shared the story on PCRM’s podcast The Exam Room, which is hosted by Chuck Carroll known as The Weight Loss Champion after losing 280lb after going plant-based.

‘Astonishing her doctors’

According to Carroll: “This time last year, Josephine was your typical senior. She was on scores of medication, she was largely sedentary, and her life had just slowed way down.

“And then she moved in with her daughter and her son-in-law both of whom are devout vegans – especially Eric O’Grey who experienced a remarkable health turnaround himself after adopting a plant-based diet.

“So Josephine, when she moves in, she cuts out all of the meat and all of the dairy. She starts to eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables and what happened next astonished her doctors and will inspire millions.”

‘An extraordinary story’

Speaking about the remarkable transformation, O’Grey said: “It is an extraordinary story. Josephine had been living by herself for the last 30 years after her husband passed away. She’d been very independent but had become a shut-in and become more and more and more reliant upon various different medications for her health [including for diabetes and high blood pressure].”

He added: “So she moved in with us at my wife’s urging…she immediately started eating the healthy, whole-food, plant-based things we eat. Five weeks after moving in with us…she went back to her doctor and got tested. She had a full panel of blood work done…her doctor looked at this and he was just blown away.

“Most of her symptoms were normal. She only had slightly elevated glucose still but he went ahead and took her off all of her medications; diabetes, high blood pressure, and everything else. She has now been medication-free for about 11 months and is super happy…She’s a completely different person; happy and healthy.”

You can listen to the full podcast here and find podcast host Chuck Carroll on Instagram here

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