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Nine-year-old Sadie Bristow died August 20, after being exposed to dairy and suffering a severe allergic reaction.

Despite receiving medical attention, Sadie went into anaphylaxis shock and died within 24 hours of expousre.


Sadie reportedly told her parents Clare and Stewart that she wasn’t feeling well on August 19.

They took her to the nearest medical center from which she was transferred to Margate and then St George’s Hospital in London.

According to Sadie’s father, doctors administered 16 shots of adrenaline in an attempt to save Sadie’s life.

‘Lived to the max’

Sadie’s loved ones describe her as a young tennis star with an ‘infectious smile’.

A donation page made to raise funds for the family reads: “The world lost an amazing young girl on August 20. Sadie Bristow tragically died as a result of a severe allergic reaction.

“In her short life she lived to the max at all times. Her infectious smile and lovable nature will be missed by so many.”

Death by dairy

Multiple deaths have occurred a result of dairy allergies this year alone.

Among them are that of a six-year old Perth girl who passed away on August 1, and 18-year-old Shahida Shahid, who suffered the same fate in January.

Sadie’s parents plan to set up a charitable organization in Sadie’s honor, to ‘aid allergy understanding’.

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