? 44% Of Generation Z Say Being Vegan Is ‘Cooler Than Smoking’


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Younger people aged 24 and under are ditching smoking and meat (Photo: Mikail Duran) - Media Credit:

Almost half (44 percent) of Generation Z-ers say being vegan is cooler than smoking.

A new study carried out by plant-based fresh food brand BOL Foods has revealed how younger people (24 and below) approach food and ethics compared to older generations, with a spokesperson saying ‘they put baby boomers and millennials to shame’.

“Almost a quarter of 18-24 year olds have turned vegan in the past year, 35 percent are on the hunt for a vegan partner (who they assume will be better looking, more interesting and fitter) and it looks as though peer pressure has even taken a turn for the better as one in three would try going vegan as it looks more impressive to others,” says the data.

Plant-based and vegan

“I love these results,” Paul Brown, founder of BOL Foods, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News. “The ever-increasing global interest in a plant-based lifestyle can only be a good thing for both people and planet.

“We’ve launched so much 100 percenr plant-based innovation this year which has driven over 120 percent year on year growth. More excitingly means we’re on track to make over 10 million portions of veg.

“What makes something ‘cool’ has always been subjective, in my day it was a smoke behind the school bike sheds. I doff my cap to the younger generation who are definitely trumping mine; the switch to eating more plants and choosing a more environmentally conscious lifestyle is so much cooler. Big up to the ‘Gen V’ and here’s to everyone eating more plants which will be better for us all now and generations to come.”

Vegan movement

The study follows a market report from last week, which claimed millennial consumers going vegan or vegetarian is the ‘biggest threat’ to burger and chicken restaurants.

The report, Burger and Chicken Restaurants – UK – September 2018, said: “The biggest threat to the popularity of burger and chicken is the trend of consumers cutting back on eating meat.

“This is being driven by Younger Millennials who have either adopted a full-time vegan lifestyle or are simply eating more plant-based dishes.

“Operators now need to tackle this issue by offering consumers more varied choice, including vegan burgers.”

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