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22 percent of Brits believe that goat’s milk is suitable for a vegan diet, a new study has revealed. 

Conducted by food company HelloFresh, the study asked over 2,000 UK questions about where their food comes from. 

One in five participants (20 percent) also thought chicken eggs were also suitable for vegans. While 10 percent of respondents thought tofu was a type of mushroom, and one in five didn’t know when fruits and vegetables come in season. 

HelloFresh said: “Despite the increasing popularity of plant-based eating, many are unaware that honey and eggs aren’t suitable for a vegan diet.”

‘Lack of knowledge’ 

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Sam Calvert, a spokesperson for The Vegan Society said: “This research indicates that there is a general lack of knowledge and skills around food and food preparation in general, and not just about veganism, with respondents not understanding where tea is grown, or thinking that veal is deer rather than calves and not knowing how to cook a Sunday lunch. 

“Food and cookery knowledge is not being passed on in the home and there is clearly a need for it to be incorporated into the primary and secondary school curriculum, along with more humane education.

“The Vegan Society provides a wide range of information on veganism on its website and offers a 7-day Plate Up for the Planet challenge, a 30—day Vegan Pledge and a free VeGuide app that provide information and support for people who want to find out more about veganism.”

Liam Giliver

Liam is the former Deputy Editor of Plant Based News. He has written for The Independent, Huffington Post, Attitude Magazine, and more. He is also the author of 'We're Worried About Him'.