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2018 was the year veganism went mainstream, according to an article in the Evening Standard.

The piece, by Selene Nelson – the journalist at the heart of the row with Waitrose Food Magazine editor William Sitwell – discusses how to have a vegan Christmas, and how many delicious vegan food products are now available.

“This has been the year that veganism went mainstream,” Nelson wrote. “From dedicated vegan aisles in supermarkets to veggie burgers that look and taste eerily like the real thing, the plant-based movement has never been more prevalent – and as a vegan, I couldn’t be happier.”

Vegan 2018

The growth of veganism throughout this year was predicted by Tesco’s Executive Chef-Director of Plant-Based Innovation Derek Sarno back in 2017.

“In my previous lifetime I was a global chef for Wholefoods Market and in the US the companies I worked with like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, a lot of the really cool stuff we’re seeing is not over here,” Sarno said, speaking at the launch party for Veganuary 2018.

“But there is a lot of stuff coming – it’s super exciting. It’s unavoidable, it’s just going to happen – whether you’re in the way and get run over, or are part of the ride. This next year – 2018 – is our year. It’s the year we go mainstream.”

Plant Based News’ documentary Vegan 2018 tracks the rise of the movement throughout the year