Reading Time: < 1 minute Omari will host his first vegan pop-up restaurant next month (Photo: Instagram)
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The UK’s youngest multi-award-winning vegan chef, Omari McQueen, has become Founder and CEO of the plant-based restaurant, Dipalicious. 

McQueen – who claims to be the youngest restaurateur in the world – will host his first vegan pop-up restaurant in Boxpark, Croydon, from August 17-24.

After coming across a PETA UK video, McQueen began learning more about veganism and filmed his first YouTube video at eight-years-old – where he created a vegan pizza using his own dip. 

‘A passion for cooking’

” [He] has always had a passion for cooking but he started learning to cook meals from the age of seven after I became ill with hemiplegic migraines his father and I started to teach Omari and his older brother Laquarn how to cook meals to help me when I was unable to stand and his dad was working late,” the entrepreneur’s website states.

“Omari has gone from strength to strength and practices different cooking skills and meals daily, he researches the benefits of everything he cooks and works out the benefits of what he eats.”

McQueen now teaches other children to cook in the workshops he runs from home – and has a selection of dips, snacks, juice packs, and seasonings.

Since the 11-year-old entrepreneur’s first YouTube video, McQueen has featured on BBC radio and ITV News, meeting an array of celebrities including Levi Roots and Kevin Hart. 

You can shop McQueen’s range of plant-based products here

Liam Giliver

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