Reading Time: < 1 minute The recipes include seitan dishes (Photo: Grazing Events)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A workplace and venue food catering company will be introducing a vegan menu featuring more than 100 dishes.

London-based brand Grazing Catering will launch the new menu in a bid to meet the booming demand for plant-based eats.

Recipes will also include dishes with in-house produced seitan.


Among dishes on the menu, costumers will be able to order: hay smoked heritage carrots with toasted amaranth and dried cranberries; clay baked celeriac ‘steak’ with shaved truffles and grilled leeks; lentil and herb-crusted yellow courgette with green courgette spaghetti; and vegan fried ‘chicken’.

Sam Hurst, Grazing’s CEO, told Hospitality and Catering News: “One of our customers and a life-long vegan recently described menu as ‘the best vegan food I have ever eaten’.

“We’re putting the same passion and creativity for food into our vegan dishes as we do into all of our others – no more vegan options as an afterthought and a sad salad or plate of fruit!

“Of course, they are not just for vegans but anyone who wants to eat a bit less meat and dairy and enjoy more healthy options as part of a balanced diet.”


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