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Transfarmation Project: how to end animal agriculture. Interview w/ Rashmit Arora | Episode 54 The Plant Based News Podcast

This week's guest is a researcher (agricultural economics) and food economist for the global animal rights powerhouse Mercy For Animals, his role focuses on managing the Transfarmation Project . The Transfarmation Project offers an avenue for farmers to participate in this rebuilding, to become a part of the solution and leave the problem behind. Their mission is to support farmers in transitioning out of animal agriculture and into growing crops used for plant-based products. The result: a better future for farmers and their families, for consumers, for animals, and for the planet. The transFARMation project is one of the most important campaigns of our time. In this week's episode we discussed: 2:00: Discovering the vegan lifestyle 5:52: Childhood relationship with food and animals 9:45: Adapting to difference in culture from India to the U.S 14:00: Religion, Spiritualism and animal rights 15:15: India, Dairy and factory farming 19:30: Can we ethically farm animals? 23:30: Transfarmation, helping farmers transition to Plant Based Agriculture 31:55: Can animal farmers escape animal agriculture? 36:00: The work of Transfarmation, Goals and successes 40:00: Are animal farmers just a product of the system? 42:20: Our relationship with profit in the plant based food system 43:50: Should we boycott the likes of Oatly for scaling up? 47:25: Can farmers increase profit switching from animal agriculture to arable farming? 52:12: Plausibility of creating a tool for profit projection of transition to arable farming? 57:00: Do farmers love animals? 59:25: Stranded on a desert island Find out more about Rashmits work at And Presented by Robbie Lockie | Edited by Phil Marriott ————————————————————————————————– Listen on other platforms Spotify: iTunes:…st/id1255981965 ————————————————————————————————– REVIEW/SHARE ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you enjoyed the episode and have a spare 1-2 minutes please leave a review on iTunes so the Plant Based News podcast ranks higher and becomes more discoverable for other listeners. If you have any friends that would benefit from listening to this episode or any of the other Plant Based News podcast episodes, please share.
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Gordon Ramsay Responds To That Vegan Teacher’s Viral TikTok Video Calling Him To Go Vegan

Reading Time: < 1 minute The vegan TikToker, That Vegan Teacher, garnered over 100,000 views when she goaded the famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to go vegan in a video that went viral. The video shows That Vegan Teacher, who is also known as Miss Kadie, singing a song. That Vegan Teacher’s viral video In it, she sings: “Eating animals is wrong, […]