Reading Time: < 1 minute The advert highlights the plight od bobby calves - who are treated like trash (Photo: Viva!)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

The UK’s first vegan YouTube advert has hit over 200,000 views across YouTube and Facebook since its launch a month ago.

The advert was commissioned by animal rights charity Viva! and directed by Plant Based News Co-founder Robbie Lockie.

It is part of Viva!’s major TRASH campaign, which aims to bring attention to the plight of male cows in the dairy industry, through billboards and street actions as well as the advert.

Vegan first

“The short emotive video, directed by Robbie Lockie of Plant Based News, is the first vegan YouTube advert shown in the UK,” Viva! told PBN.

“Paid YouTube mobile advertising is 84 percent more likely to receive attention than TV advertising and YouTube vlogging has been credited for bringing veganism into the mainstream.

“YouTube provides the perfect opportunity to broadcast a vegan message to an audience who are really listening.”

The advert by Viva! and Robbie Lockie

Powerful vegan message

“I’m so honored to have been involved in this major campaign by the brilliant Viva!,” said Robbie Lockie.

“Putting together this footage was extremely sobering; we have a huge crisis in the UK, with 95,000 bobby calves being killed soon after birth. To treat sentient animals like inconvenient byproduct is obscene.

“We need to put this message in front of as many people as possible, and Viva! has found a powerful way to do it.”

Maria Chiorando

Maria is a news and features writer for Plant Based News. As a former magazine editor, newspaper reporter, and features writer, her work has been published by The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and various regional newspapers, as well as Vegan Life magazine and Vegan Trade Journal. She has interviewed a huge range of people, from Prime Ministers to authors, activists, pop stars and actors, and enjoys the varied range of topics writing for PBN allows her to tackle. She was previously the editor of Plant Based News for over 3 years.