Reading Time: < 1 minute The restaurant has been dubbed as the 'Garden of Eden' (Photo: Facebook)
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The world’s first naked restaurant – which is vegan-friendly – is set to open a permanent location in London following success with its pop-up last year.

The Bunyadi says it offer visitors (both naked and clothed) ‘pure liberation’ by eating food ‘in its purest form’, and it features a dedicated vegan menu.


More than 46,000 people were on the waiting list last summer to dine at the nude eatery, which was divided into clothed and naked sections.

The pop-up, which offered both vegan and non-vegan tasting menus for £69 – focused on organic and plant-based cuisine.

Dishes included sun-dried tomato- stuffed courgette flowers, cauliflower couscous, and seaweed flakes.

The restaurant is currently fundraising to secure a permanent spot in London.


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