WIN: Vegan Superheavyweight Bill McCarthy Breaks Powerlifting Record


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The vegan heavyweight has shocked many people with his diet (Photo: Bill McCarthy) - Media Credit:

Superstrong vegan Bill McCarthy has broken a powerlifting record that had stood for 20 years.

A senior powerlifting coach for the U.S. team, McCarthy smashed a record that had been set by former IPF World Champion Kirk Karwoski – and he increased the record from 255kg (562.5lbs) to 265 (584lbs).

The 36-year-old American heavyweight has managed to succeed despite his busy schedule with a newborn at home.

McCarthy broke the State record for Equipped Bench Press in his home state of Maryland.


The athlete has been vegan since completing a 28-day challenge. McCarthy has shocked many people in that he doesn’t eat animal protein.

“They can’t believe that I am as big and strong as I am, the reactions are always fun!… I have had a couple of my clients try it because of the results I had, and all of them have never went back,” he said.

He eats a good diet, and therefore feels there is little need for supplements, taking only B12.


Talking to Great Vegan Athletes, McCarthy said he started training for the state record a year ago.

“My wife Jill and I had our daughter Wren in December, so basically training sessions while having a newborn at home was almost impossible. 

“Once she hit six months and we got into a regular schedule I was able to increase the frequency of my training, so I got a good 12 week cycle leading into the meet.”

He added: “What I did was carve out like 60-90 mins each one of those days to get a quick workout in. 

“Since I have been home a lot with my daughter I have been able to take on a lot of new Virtual/Online Clients, I do their programming, video analysis, meet day prep, etc.”


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