Why Elite Athletes Are Ditching Meat – And What It Means For You


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Tennis legend Serena Williams follows a plant-based diet (Photo: Edwin Martinez) - Media Credit:

The difference between waking up full of energy or tired like a old dog is the speed at which your body can recover from the daily stress.

And there is no one worse off than elite athletes who train four-eight hours every day, so if something works for them, it sure as hell is going to work for you. 

From UFC fighters, boxers, to tennis players, bodybuilders, powerlifters and cyclists, to ultra runners. More and more athletes are now switching to a plant-based diet as the answer. 

So why pick a plant-based diet?

Better Recovery

Recovery is a big one for professional ultra-runner Vlad Ixel. 

To improve his performance, he says: “I search for the 0.1 per cent in anything that I can find… the diet gives me a lot more than just 0.1 per cent.” 

Ixel has set numerous world records in his career as an elite level trail runner.


Unlike animal-based proteins, plant-based proteins are alkaline forming, fiber rich, and contain antioxidants that facilitate superior recovery.

David Goldman is a registered dietitian, and strength and conditioning coach who trains top-level athletes.

He says: “Certain foods will increase systemic inflammation, and certain foods will decrease systemic inflammation. A plant-based decreases systemic inflammation. 

“The antioxidant content in a typical plant food is about 64 fold what you’ll find in a typical animal-based food.

“Foods that are typically thought of as healthy and productive like grilled chicken breast for example, this is a very inflammatory food that increases the risk of breast and prostate cancer. 

“Our body basically has to figure out how to deal with these things that can essentially mutate our DNA and alter our gene expression. That’s a big problem. Our body now has to deal with that which requires additional energy that could be devoted instead to recovering from our training session.” 

Better health

A plant-based diet has been shown on numerous occasions to be health-promoting. Not only will you perform better, but you will live longer.

Ask Janette Murray-Wakelin who was diagnosed with cancer, and given six months to live in 2001. Not one to accept her ‘fate’, she decided to take health into her own hands, and switched to a raw plant-based diet. 

Her story after is nothing short of inspirational. Janet and her husband Alan have since broken a world record in 2013. 

“We ran the perimeter of Australia, including Tasmania, and that was a marathon a day. We averaged 43 km every single day for 366 days consecutively,” Janet said.

Better with age

From one inspiration to another, we have Ellen Jaffe Jones. 

Ellen almost died of of a colon blockage at 28, and almost had a hysterectomy in her later years. Ellen is now an accomplished endurance and sprint runner. She has won 104 5K+ age group awards since 2006, and has also placed 7th in the U.S. National Senior Games. 

Ellen’s lifestyle keeps her so vital, she claims: “When people find out my age, they ask to see my driver’s license. 

“What I really want to say to people is that this can be true for you too, no matter what age you start – and it’s never too late.”

Join Ellen, Janette, David, Vlad, and over 36 other plant-based athletes, coaches, and doctors as they share how to use a plant-based diet not just for health, but also to get into the shape of your life.

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