What In The World Is 'Veggie Planet'? A Look At An Awesome New Vegan Travel Book

What In The World Is ‘Veggie Planet’? A Look At An Awesome New Vegan Travel Book


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Wendy Werneth is a dynamic, talented writer, and world traveler who is known online as The Nomadic Vegan. 

She has been to 100 countries and discovered that she enjoyed travel more than ever after becoming a vegan. Veggie Planet: Uncover the Vegan Treasures Hiding in Your Favorite World Cuisines, Wendy’s new book, is sure to empower other vegans to travel the globe, too.

Global vegan

The world is more vegan-friendly than you think. That’s the opening message of Veggie Planet

As a vegan travel journalist, I completely agree. This comprehensive book shows you why, and how to enjoy it yourself. 

Whether you want to travel across the country, or to a neighborhood restaurant you haven’t tried before, the book can help you get more out of the journey.


Chosen in part because of their popularity around the world, Chinese, Ethiopian, Greek, Turkish, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines are covered in Veggie Planet

Wendy offers a great overview of each listed cuisine, and provides great tips for ordering vegan versions of dishes that often include meat. 

Her prose is upbeat and relatable throughout the book. She has a strong, unique, and compassionate voice as an author that makes you want to keep reading. 

That’s the perfect match for a book that is packed full of so much useful information. 


The e-book version of Veggie Planet is interactive. You can click a designated place near the very start of the book where you can enter your email address to receive book bonuses delivered right to your inbox. 

The free bonus package includes free pocket guides that you can use when eating out or traveling, and pictures of the food in the book.

As a travel and culinary guide, Veggie Planet covers both topics in a fun way. It’s a book I’d happily recommend to anyone who is interested in vegan travel. I’d also recommend it to those who are interested in simply learning about international vegan cuisine. 

Veggie Planet is available on Amazon and many independent bookstores around the world.


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