Major Western Businesses Funding ‘Deplorable’ Dairy Farms In Sri Lanka


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A cow chained on a Sri Lankan dairy farm (Photo: Moving Animals) - Media Credit:

Western corporations are pumping lots of cash into industrial animal farming in Sri Lanka, according to a report.

The companies are playing a fundamental role in the expansion of industrial animal farming in the country – meaning more animals are being subjected to what campaigners describe as ‘deplorable’ conditions.

The study found that global conglomerate Nestlé is playing a key player in growing the industry – with its 25,000 Sri Lankan dairy farms accounting for around 40 percent of the country’s milk sales, according to The Independent.

‘Deplorable conditions’

“The Western model of industrial farming is causing millions of animals to suffer in deplorable conditions,” said Amy Jones, of Moving Animals, who photographed a typical Sri Lankan factory farm.

“The farm was a haunting replica of industrialized Western dairy farms – a stark contrast to conventional, small-scale herds.

“Pregnant female cows were slumped on bare floors, chained to the ceiling by their necks, while next door, calves were stashed inside isolated, metal cages.”″><

Footage from the expose (Credit: Moving Animals/Amy Jones)

‘Committed to welfare’

A spokesperson for New Zealand dairy collective Fonterra, which has spent a decade working towards developing Sri Lanka’s dairy industry said: “We’re committed to managing animals responsibly and eliminating practices that contravene the internationally recognized ‘five freedoms’ of animal welfare.

“This includes ensuring animals have access to quality nutrition, shelter, and medical care, and have sufficient space and facilities to live comfortably.”

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