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A website development company with ‘a passion for veganism and animal welfare’ has developed a new vegan search engine. is free to use and is a non-profit project, is the world’s first of its kind.
Searches made on the engine generate income via search ads. These proceeds are then donated to animal sanctuaries

Vegan search engine

“We recently launched the world’s first vegan search engine that donates income from adverts to animals sanctuaries around the world to better improve the lives of the animals in their care,” Fruitbox co-founder Chris Gibbs told Plant Based News.

“We work with charities across the world and are currently trying to raise awareness for this service.

“We are partnered with Google to allow users to see google results in the feeds as well as there being a refined search option which will only search vegan sites which we have listed and approved.”

You can find the vegan search engine here