Reading Time: 2 minutes The advert shows a couple 'making the connection' (Photo: Supplied to Plant Based News)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A pro-vegan T.V adIsrael’s first – has reached 35 percent of the nation, after being broadcast during one of the country’s most popular T.V shows – and has earned positive feedback with viewers branding it ‘effective’.

The 60-second advert, created by international non-profit Vegan Friendly, shows a couple shopping in a supermarket. When they ask for ‘extra fresh’ meat, they are handed a living lamb. The commercial ends with the message ‘make the connection’.

Millions of viewers

The advert was initially broadcast during the current season finale of Survivor Israel: this season has the highest ratings in the show’s history, and so the spot was chosen to ensure as many people as possible would see the commercial.

According to Vegan Friendly, a massive 35 percent of the country’s population – some 3 million people – watched the ad.

The organization’s founder and CEO Omri Paz told Plant Based News: “After so many years seeing commercials of animal products, it is exciting to see for a change a vegan commercial that talks about compassion for animals on the most popular show in the country.”

Positive feedback

The advert is now also available to watch on YouTube, where it has garnered praise. One viewer wrote: “Yes! Who could ever hurt that sweet innocent lamb! Not me! Not anyone who could see it and hold it. Make the connection! Go vegan!”

Another was inspired to share their transition to veganism, writing: “This is excellent. My own story is that I worked in a meat dept. for three years prior to ‘making the connection’. There was no slaughtering there. I never would have been able to do that, but still, I was one step more involved than just buying and consuming animal foods. I think my soul is quite curious and wanted to see what this experience was like while it still could. I came out of ignorance and switched to veganism just four months after quitting the job.”

One simply said: “This is spot on! Way to go veganism, people are so blind to make a connection to life! Definitely, this will make everyone rethink.”

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